Day: February 12, 2018

  • Learning English as a Second Language

    An English tuition for secondary language is necessary for those who have to learn it as preparation of immigration to an English-speaking country. It is also needed by native speakers who are about to take an exam. When creating sentences for both spoken and written English, the subject and verb agreement should be in agreement.


    Among the popular waterloo of English learners is the use of prepositions. These are words that are used in describing the way in which an action takes place in a particular sentence. You can come up with a list of prepositions, but the most common ones to be used are the following: if, on, to, and for. It’s the preposition that can add depth and intricacy to your sentence construction. It’s crucial for you to use each of all the prepositions. Of is not a word that pertains to ownership only. It may be difficult for non-native speakers. For denotes time while on may denote time and place.


    Adjectives on the other hand are those words that modify nouns that are used in the sentence. There are adjectives that denote quantity. Examples of these are number words and words such as several, many, much, and others. Adjectives can be placed before and after a noun they modify. You will soon have a feel and a good grasp about where to place the adjectives the more you speak or write in English.

    Grammar Exercises

    Among the best tools you can use when learning English online are grammar exercises. This is a specialized tool that we can use for learning English. The aim of these exercises is to challenge and enhance a person’s knowledge about grammar and sentence structure. It is important that you learn of grammar rules but nothing can take the place of grammar exercises to teach you what grammar is. It is one thing to memorize the grammar rules but you will never learn it well unless you apply the rules in writing sentences. You can use a software for checking your answers.

    It is only through grammar exercises that you can make English more natural for you.

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